Top 5 Critical Elements for Fulfilling Your Fiduciary Duties

This webinar occurred March 10, 2016 and is now available to watch on demand.

Board members are the mainstay of any nonprofit and their contributions of time, treasure and talent are essential. Each member is chosen carefully for the expertise they bring. But do they know how to fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities?

The bylaws have been distributed, the mission is read at every meeting, and you go line by line on the monthly profit and loss statement. What might you be missing?

Register now and learn from BerryDunn’s not-for-profit governance experts Sarah Belliveau and Emily Parker as they outline their top 5 fiduciary responsibilities and duties. Regardless of the depth of your financial knowledge, you’ll come away from this webinar knowing:

  • The three fiduciary duties that encompass effective governance
  • Organizational risks that must be considered
  • How to read, comprehend, and analyze financial statements
  • Goal setting and analysis of historical data for effective benchmarking
  • How to review the IRS Form 990 and the critical areas you need to focus on

Protect your organization and gain confidence that the essential fiduciary roles and responsibilities are understood.

All board members and staff of nonprofits are urged to watch this valuable webinar.

You can also forward this learning opportunity on to your fellow leaders.

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