Victim Notification: A Requirements Case Study

For agencies and departments that have some accountability for notifying victims upon movement or release of offenders, this task can be an onerous one.

  • Victim information is difficult to obtain;
  • It may be difficult to distinguish between a “known victim” and an “interested party”;
  • Determining compliance with statutory obligations may be difficult;
  • Victim information becomes stale;
  • Multiple, disparate victim notification systems or processes may be in affect across your state

Join Christina Reagle, Deputy Commissioner, Finance and Administration with the Indiana Department of Corrections and Doug Rowe, a Principal at BerryDunn team as they discuss how they have actively engaged victim notification stakeholders (including sheriff’s offices, the courts, prosecutors, victim advocates, the IDOC, and other key stakeholders) with the goal of determining a set of comprehensive requirements for a statewide victim notification system.


Doug Rowe
Principal | PMP, ITL

Christina Reagle

Christina Reagle
Deputy Commissioner of Administration and Finance
Indiana Department of Corrections


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