2021 federal tax legislation? A review of the state of play

Tax policy is a legislative priority for the Biden administration, and the Treasury Department’s Green Book released in May provides additional details on these tax policy proposals. Congressional Democrats have also indicated their interest in tax legislation. The question is: Will we see federal tax legislation in the near future?




Wind energy sector booms during 2020

The wind power sector is booming in the US, with a new report from the US Department of Energy (DOE) highlighting the growth of wind energy operations in the nation, as part of President Biden’s larger plan to get the US to net zero emissions by 2035.


From 4% to 45%: Biden offers ambitious blueprint for solar energy

The Biden administration released a blueprint showing how the nation could move toward producing almost half of its electricity from the sun by 2050—a potentially big step toward fighting climate change but one that would require vast upgrades to the electric grid.


Springfield and Worcester used as examples of progress towards renewable energy reliance in Massachusetts communities

The Environment Massachusetts Research & Policy Center published its Renewable Communities 2021 report which looks at seven case studies of cities, towns, and regional agencies working towards complete reliance on renewable energy. Springfield and Worcester may be seen as a blueprint for other communities in the state as they look to a sustainable future.


Is fusion the next viable renewable energy source? Key breakthrough in fusion energy production

A Cambridge, MA startup working with officials at MIT said last week that it has achieved a major breakthrough in fusion technology that could begin revolutionizing the way energy is produced around the planet as early as 2030.


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