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Sample CECL disclosures

ASU 2016-13, commonly known as the CECL standard, has profound impacts on how financial institutions record credit losses. Although the main focus has been on the changes to the accounting for credit losses, ASU 2016-13 also overhauls financial statement disclosures, requiring financial institutions to gather and disclose information previously not disclosed. 

BerryDunn’s CECL experts have compiled these sample CECL disclosures to assist in your financial statement disclosure efforts in the year of CECL adoption as well as ongoing disclosures.

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Meet our CECL expert: 


Susan has 26 years of public banking experience and leverages her deep subject matter expertise to help clients with CECL adoption, model risk management, policy, internal controls, governance, and board and executive presentations. Susan leads our CECL model validation and credit risk management consulting services. 
Before joining BerryDunn, Susan held a variety of leadership positions in retail banking, commercial underwriting, asset quality, business development, recruitment, strategy, relationship management, and credit risk management. Her extensive experience includes working for community, regional, and Fortune 100 financial services companies. An advocate of straightforward approaches and solutions, she has served as a panelist on CECL adoption from a banker’s perspective at national and regional conferences. 

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