Revenue Cycle Optimization is the Question.
Is Outsourcing the Answer?

Many successful revenue cycles rely heavily on outsourcing relationships, while others are totally in-house or somewhere in-between. Regardless of the level of outsourcing you choose, every revenue cycle leader needs to consider the numerous internal and external factors that drive success. What is the right balance for your organization now and in the future?

BerryDunn’s revenue cycle consultants can help. During this Zoomcast, you’ll discover:

  • Benefits, challenges, and best practices of outsourcing revenue cycle functions.
  • Common pitfalls, best-known methods, and proactive steps to ensure a successful transition.
  • Pros and cons of revenue cycle outsourcing vs. in-house operations.

At the end of this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Use our free checklist tool to guide better revenue cycle outsourcing/insourcing decisions.
  • Implement best practices for managing outsourced relationships.
  • Understand the importance of accountability, metrics, and service level agreements.
  • Discover the importance of change management and related tools for a significant system or process change.

Denny Roberge Headshot
Senior Manager
Denny is a recognized leader in revenue cycle management and possesses subject matter expertise regarding patient accounting system optimization, revenue cycle best practices, reimbursement transformation, and leveraging technology to automate processes and improve revenue cycle operations.
With 20 years of experience working with Healthcare clients, Dan helps hospitals and care providers drive adoption of healthcare technology, make operational changes, and develop long-term technology strategy.