Maximizing Inflation Reduction Act renewable energy credits

The Inflation Reduction Act includes expansions and modifications to existing tax credits and introduces new credits and structures to encourage investment in renewable energy. Identify key focus areas for your renewable business and understand the next steps to help maximize your tax benefits.




$450M for clean energy projects: Funding for coal communities

The Biden administration is making $450 million available for solar farms and other clean energy projects at the site of current or former coal mines. Up to five clean energy demonstration projects are expected to be examples for future development, "providing knowledge and experience that catalyze the next generation of clean energy on mine land projects,'' the Energy Department said. Gain insight into how the program supports the administration's renewable goals.


Renewable energy milestone: Surpassing coal in 2022

After first surpassing nuclear energy in 2021, renewable energy created more electricity than coal in 2022. It is also now the most affordable source of new electricity in much of the US. California led the production of solar electricity, while the most wind generation occurred in Texas. Learn where other states rank and how other renewable energy sources compare.


Innovation in agriculture: Turning farm waste into fuel

Climate change provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act have spurred developers to build ambitious renewable energy projects that turn corn into ethanol and manure into methane. See the impact the projects will have in reducing carbon from agriculture, which now accounts for 10 percent of US greenhouse gas emissions.


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