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January 2020


Maine adopts solar property tax exemptions
In 2019, Maine passed bill LD 1430, which introduces a solar tax exemption for both business and residential owners enabling renewable energy adopters to save money — while adding real value to their property and assets. As our experience in Massachusetts has shown, eligible businesses should take advantage of these types of laws, as you can reduce your property tax assessment by the value of your solar or wind energy equipment.


Food waste + Poop = Electricity
Some dairy farmers in Massachusetts are using food waste and manure to create renewable energy. Each farm produces enough to power about 1,500 homes. Not only does this process create electricity, NPR Science Correspondent Allison Aubrey tells us it also prevents the release of methane, a greenhouse gas.

Appraisers and real estate agents hold the key to supporting customers with solar
There has been an exponential increase in the installation of solar photovoltaic systems across the U.S. over the past decade, and Massachusetts is no exception. In 2006, there were several hundred solar energy systems installed, while today there are almost 100,000 systems across the state.

BlackRock will put climate change at center of investment strategy
Laurence D. Fink, the founder and chief executive of BlackRock, announced recently that his firm would make investment decisions with environmental sustainability as a core goal. BlackRock is the world's largest asset manager with nearly $7 trillion in investments, and this move will fundamentally shift its investing policy — and could reshape how corporate America does business and put pressure on other large money managers to follow suit.

Want clean and universal electricity? Create the incentives to double the investment, world leaders say
The heads-of-state and energy ministers from more than 120 nations just met in Abu Dhabi and they had one thing in common: a passion to increase the use of renewable energy to reduce the threat from global warming — one that will also boost economic output and spread prosperity. Access to finance, though, is critical to this goal.

Global green tech revolution at risk, India can play role in reforming mining practices: Experts
Green technology comes at a price and India can play a pivotal role in breaking the "green curse" by persuading South Asian countries to adopt sustainable practices in mining critical minerals needed for solar power devices and the like, say experts.

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