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Understanding and Maximizing Police Patrol Work Schedules: A BerryDunn Webinar 

Design an effective patrol work schedule

Staffing and scheduling issues have been an ongoing challenge among law enforcement agencies, particularly as increasing workload demands have further strained operational capacities. Join our expert and gain a greater understanding of the critical components of effective police patrol schedules, and learn how to overcome the challenges associated with traditional patrol scheduling models. This presentation will provide details concerning alternative work schedules, and outline how shifting away from a traditional schedule can improve the operational effectiveness of the department, even without adding staff.

This webinar is designed for local and state government executives, city managers, chief law enforcement officers, and those responsible for designing and monitoring patrol work schedules.

Attendees will learn how to develop a patrol work schedule that can:

Reduce Overtime
Create Flexibility for Leave and Training Needs
Ensure Consistent Scheduling of Police Patrol Personnel
Satisfy operational and staff needs, including work/life balance and equitable workloads

The presenter: 
Dr. Michele Weinzetl has had an extensive 30-year career in law enforcement, including 27 years as a sworn officer and 17 years as a chief of police. She has spent the past four years conducting management and operations assessments for numerous police agencies across the country.




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