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Skilled Nursing and the Patient Driven Payment Model Part II: ICD-10 Training Webinar 

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The new Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM) for Medicare goes into effect October 1, 2019, and BerryDunn is here to help. Our first webinar provided an understanding of coding principles and ICD-10 structure to help you choose the correct code. You do not need to have watched the first webinar to participate in Part II but it may be helpful if you are not familiar with ICD-10. You can view Part I here

With the new model, ICD-10 codes will be used to place the resident into PDPM clinical categories, which will determine reimbursement. The coding process will become crucial to the reimbursement process. This webinar will take a deeper dive into clinical categories and ICD-10 codes that drive payment, with coding and payment case studies. 

This recording is designed for the non-coder and is specifically targeted for skilled nursing facilities.

We’ll cover:

How residents are grouped into clinical categories
Principles of ICD-10 and coding guidelines to give you a better understanding of what impacts payment under PDPM
How to identify opportunities and challenges within your organization's own revenue cycle
Tips for next steps and best ways to prepare

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The presenter: 
Lisa Trundy-Whitten has over 15+ years of experience providing audit and consulting services to healthcare systems, senior living organizations, long-term care facilities, industry associations, and acute care hospitals in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania.

Lisa Trundy-Whitten



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