Join the Patient and Family Satisfaction Quality Improvement Project

There is a limited opportunity to participate in this six-month project  

For home health and hospice agencies, the move toward Home Health Value-Based Purchasing (HHVBP) means that 30% of an agency’s success is defined by patient satisfaction scores. This trend is being closely followed by hospice organizations as family satisfaction scores begin to receive greater scoring in overall quality. Raising these scores is difficult, but there are evidence-based approaches that work.

BerryDunn, lead researcher of the National Healthcare at Home Best Practices and Future Insights Study, is launching a new research study to help agencies improve their CAHPS Star Ratings through implementation of research-based initiatives.

Research has shown that when patient values and patient preferences are prioritized through person-centered care, the number of extremely satisfied patients significantly improves. The goal of this project is to help skilled and non-skilled caregivers implement a model of person-centered care to help improve their agency’s patient and family satisfaction scores.

Join us for this limited opportunity 
For phase one of this project, we are inviting 100 agencies to participate in a six-month education program focused on building caregiver skills in person-centered care as well as supervisory training in employee engagement and retention. The project combines one-on-one consulting with leading industry experts and robust online education modules. Through our research collaboration, agencies that use CAHPS services through SHP will have their scores sent automatically prior to and after the project for more streamlined analysis.  

What is included 
Participating agencies will receive:  

A consulting call with agency leadership to review current CAHPS and employee engagement/turnover scores, and discuss areas of improvement
Employee course: Building a culture of exceptional customer experience
Caregiver course: Person-centered care (PCC) to improve patient satisfaction
Optional PCC mentorship program for caregivers 
Supervisor course: Supervising for improved employee engagement 
Comprehensive training materials  
Six hours of consultation to discuss progress and next steps 
At the conclusion of the six months, a comprehensive report and future roadmap 
Six additional months of monitoring agency metrics  

Participation fee
The cost to participate in this study and receive the six-month education program and materials is $2,500, with a discounted fee for additional sites. The project begins on October 23, 2023.

Sign up today
We anticipate that this program will fill quickly, so register today to secure your spot. If you’d like more information, contact Lindsay Doak, Senior Manager and Director of the National Healthcare at Home Best Practices and Future Insights Study at

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