OMB 2021 compliance supplement released

In August, the OMB released the 2021 Compliance Supplement. The release is effective for audits of fiscal years beginning after June 30, 2020 and supersedes the 2020 supplement and subsequent addendum. We continue to evaluate the changes to the supplement, but here are a few things to note.



May the "blended workforce" be with you: Policy and internal control considerations for a new era

Employers have a decision to make—do we allow our employees the option to continue to work from home, or do we require employees to work from the office, as was standard pre-pandemic? Here are some things to consider.


Updated guidance on the Employee Retention Credit (ERC): Important considerations for employers

The IRS recently released Notice 2021-49, providing updated guidance on the Employee Retention Credit. Here are a few of the more important points from the Notice.


Cryptocurrency and the charitable contribution conundrum

What was once only seen as a quasi-asset traded solely on the dark web by a handful of private yet savvy investors has recently begun to step out into the light. With this newly found mainstream popularity come many questions from the not-for-profit sector about how their organizations should proceed when it comes to donations of cryptocurrency, and how they might benefit (or not) from doing so. Here are some answers to common questions we receive from clients.


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