RECHARGE 2021 with BerryDunn

Annual Not-For-Profit Educational Event

Join us for our annual seminar discussing the not-for-profit landscape in a post-pandemic world.
This complimentary virtual session will bring relevant experts together to help your organization stay up-to-date with current information, and plan for the year ahead. Topics will include:

The financial state of the industry: How to navigate new regulations and the effects on your organization
Not-for-profit accounting and tax updates: A look at accounting and tax changes through a not-for-profit lens
Cybersecurity update: The unprecedented rise of cybercrime against not-for-profits and what your organization can do to protect itself
Remote and hybrid workforces: A panel discussion on this evolving topic, including maintaining employee engagement, how to set up and manage a hybrid workforce, and pertinent HR policies

Additional Resources

Continuing Professional Education (CPE)
This overview session does not require any prerequisites and is designed to provide 4.7 CPE credits in tax, accounting, HR and specialized knowledge under standards established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. More information will be available soon. Please check with your relevant licensing body to determine your qualification for CPE credits.

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