Medicare Bad Debts: Revisions and Requirements for Your Cost Report

Prepare your Medicare cost reports with confidence

Listen to BerryDunn’s Medicare cost reporting experts to get a deep dive on the latest Medicare bad debt rules that will affect your cost reporting this year, including: 

New data elements required in the revised Medicare bad debt log, Exhibit 2A
The Medicare Cost Report Form 2552-10 final rules impacting Medicare bad debts
Details on the recent Office of Inspector General (OIG) report on Medicare bad debts
Existing rules for Medicare allowable bad debt

Meet our expert:

Tony Daddario

Tony is a strategic, visionary professional with extensive experience in healthcare regulatory finance, helping clients with Prospective Payment Systems (PPS), implementing and monitoring the Medicare Bad Debts reimbursement process, and preparing cost reports.

Who should watch this on demand webinar?
Healthcare and hospital finance leaders, including CFOs, finance directors, controllers, reimbursement managers and directors, revenue cycle directors, and patient accounting staff. 

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