Building resilient companies in periods of economic uncertainty

As all indicators point to an economic recession in the US, controlling what you can control is crucial for businesses looking to succeed. Understand what you can do to prepare, survive, and even thrive during uncertain economic times with cost containment strategies, ways to increase liquidity, and more.

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Climate bill drives new clean energy projects

The newly passed climate bill has spurred optimism for growth in many areas of the US renewable energy sector. From battery factories and solar panel manufacturing to mining and electric transmission projects, the bill promises to drive innovation across the country. Find out what different sectors are growing and the challenges they face as the domestic renewables industry readies itself for exponential expansion in the coming years.


Transparent solar energy may be the window to the future

As transparent solar energy technology emerges, the potential to replace windows with solar panels is a distinct possibility and could revolutionize the drive for net-zero buildings—in both commercial and residential applications. Learn more about the technology and how it may play a large role in reducing the carbon footprint.


Aspiration vs. reality: When will offshore wind energy efficiently connect to the grid

As investment for offshore wind energy continues to pour in and numerous large offshore wind projects begin to get off the ground (or seabed) in the US, transmission of the energy from offshore to the energy grid lags behind. What are the challenges wind energy producers face and what can be done to overcome them?


Mayflower Wind’s 2,400-megawatt project taps into the power of unions

As its large offshore wind energy project moves forward, Mayflower Wind has signed a pact with labor unions for offshore wind jobs. The deal includes training and employment of American workers to build and operate the wind farm. Slated to deliver energy by the end of the decade, it is the second wind energy project to recently sign with labor unions for their workforce. Understand what it means for jobs creation in Massachusetts and the state's green energy goals.


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