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Complimentary Webinar for Higher Education Leadership: Don't Pave the Cow Path

When the streets of Boston were first paved, city officials used existing cattle paths as their guide. This resulted in a confusing street plan that makes little sense today.

How does this relate to you?
Higher education institutions must analyze and optimize business processes before selecting an ERP system that will have a long-term impact on the organization. Join experts Jane Courcy and Josh Clark and guest speaker Taylor Gray, of the California Western School of Law, as they discuss business process improvements and best practices to keep in mind as you prepare for an ERP system selection or implementation at your institution.

We'll discuss:

  • Lessons learned at the California Western School of Law: A Case Study
  • Mapping existing business processes and identifying opportunities for improvement
  • Making a long-term plan for process efficiency, automation and scalability
  • Selecting an ERP system that fits your institution now and in the future
Jane Courcy
Jane Courcy
Josh Clark
Josh Clark
Senior Consultant
Taylor Gray
Taylor Gray
Director of Project Management
California Western
School of Law