Electric vehicles are here to stay: What it means for the auto industry and beyond

As electric vehicle (EV) sales continue their steady climb, whole industries stand ready for dramatic change. Beyond car manufacturers, what can other ancillary industries expect in the coming years? This in-depth article takes a look.




Innovations in renewable energy: Technologies to consider

While traditional renewable energy solutions like wind and solar continue to grow and gain traction in the global market, improving upon existing technologies and finding innovative ways to make them more effective are extremely important. Here are five ideas that may pave the way for improved efficiency and energy retention, alternative sourcing of highly sought-after metals, and more. Get a glimpse of the future.


UN climate report released: Highlights from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

While there have been many improvements over the last decade in the battle to slow climate change, this report concludes that action is needed now to reach the goal of halving emissions by 2030. In addition to more cost effective renewable energy production, policy improvements, and emerging technologies, there are many areas to explore to attain the goal. Here are some highlights of the report.


Lebanon, NH landfill outgassing to be converted into electricity

In an ingenious application of “recycle and reuse”, the town of Lebanon, NH has a plan to capture methane gas emitted from its landfill and convert it to electricity. The energy produced will have the potential of being shared back to the grid, and meets the state’s renewable energy standard. How much it will cost and how long it will take to get up and running may surprise you.


Connecticut takes a Silicon Valley approach to fail fast in effort to modernize the state’s electricity grid

The Innovative Energy Solutions program seeks to build a variety of smaller pilot programs, test them, and move on quickly if they don’t work. The program will work with private companies, the state’s electric utilities, and other stakeholders to find new and innovative solutions to help the state greatly reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. Learn what types of projects they are considering.


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