Are you asking the right questions about your employee benefit plan audit?

The more you know about your audit process, the better off you'll be.

When it comes to the employee benefit audit process, asking the right questions is just as important as the answers you receive. It brings greater value to your audit and can help keep you in compliance.

With our downloadable employee benefit plan audit checklist, you can get started asking the right questions, both about the process itself and your plan auditors. 

Does your employee benefit audit process:

• Identify issues that could affect the plan’s tax status?
• Communicate internal control issues identified during the audit? 

Do the auditors you are considering:

• Have familiarity with your type of plan design?
• Have knowledge of regulatory guidelines?
• Offer guidance on the timing and level of detail for appropriate plan fee and investment reviews?

Get started asking the right questions now. Download the complete checklist. 

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