Infrastructure bill puts focus back on electric vehicles

The Senate has voted to approve the $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. While the bill faces an uncertain future in the House, it provides us with some insight on a possible bipartisan priority for future renewable energy tax incentives: Electric Vehicles (EVs).




One policy that could challenge a century of fossil-fuel dominance

A time when the United States runs mostly on wind- and solar-powered electricity could be a reality in only a few years. To overtake coal and natural gas (which currently dominate 60 percent of the US power sector), a sweeping clean electricity standard is needed.


UK company wins contract to analyze Maine ports for offshore wind capabilities

Maine is uniquely positioned to be a global leader in wind energy, but a lack of infrastructure and skilled workforce could threaten progress. A UK company will study how Maine can overcome these challenges and best position itself in the industry.


Governor signs bill to bolster rooftop solar panels

In what may have been one of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s last bill signings, earlier this month he approved a measure that prohibits homeowners associations from restricting the use of rooftop solar power systems on people’s homes. It will take effect 60 days from its August 2 signing.


Wind energy podcast series

After 20 years of politicization and red tape, the US is moving full speed ahead on plans to install thousands of wind turbines off the Atlantic coast. A special five-part series called Windfall, follows the birth of a brand new industry in the US, one that will invest billions of dollars in our economy and reshape our coastal communities.


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