Building the Foundation for Academic Success:
A Peer-to-Peer Conversation about Data, Security and ERP

A Complimentary Webinar for Higher Education Leadership

The EDUCAUSE Top 10 IT Issues identified data, security, staffing and enterprise systems as foundational themes for 2017. Please join David Houle and his guests for an interactive dialogue about critical IT issues that many campuses are grappling with and a discussion of lessons learned while implementing solutions in the field.

• James Perry, Chief Information Security Officer, University of South Carolina
• Augie Freda, Campus Data Steward, University of Notre Dame
• Carl Whitman, CIO, Montgomery College

Facilitator: David Houle, Higher Education Consulting Group, CPP, BerryDunn

These higher education thought leaders will share their perspectives on:

  • Building a Culture of Security Awareness: James will share what it takes to build a culture of IT security awareness, and the best practices they have implemented at University of South Carolina to reduce IT risks across the organization. Learn what has worked well and what he sees as the primary information security risks to the institution going forward.

  • Dealing with Data: Notre Dame has crafted a functioning data governance framework and Augie will share the key drivers for its success. Learn about the challenges of defining data ownership, the role of IT in data management, and deploying data analytics tools.

  • Creating Next-Gen Enterprise IT: Carl will explain how Montgomery College is leveraging its investment in a new enterprise system to optimize business processes across the organization. Learn about driving enterprise-wide change at a college with three distinct campuses serving more than 56,000 students.
Augie Freda
Campus Data Steward, University of Notre Dame
Dave Houle
Senior Manager, CPP


Carl Whitman
CIO, Montgomery College 
James Perry
Chief Information Security Officer, University of South Carolina

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