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Creating Drone Programs for Local Governments: A BerryDunn Webinar

Join us for an information-packed session to help you capitalize on this emerging trend and learn how a drone program can save you money and increase efficiency. 

Drone use by governments is increasing rapidly. Drones can provide significantly enhanced situational awareness and perspective in law enforcement and other public safety operations such as hostage negotiations, SWAT operations, search and rescue, accident investigation, hazardous material situations, and disaster surveillance. Local and state governments are using drones to document and map capital project progress, and for various land surveillance and mapping needs.

Establishing a Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS aka drone) program is time consuming and can be frustrating and fraught with error. BerryDunn can help you create a sustainable drone program with minimal risk, helping you fly safely into uncharted territory.

At this session, you'll learn:

  • Who’s using drones
  • How a drone program can help your organization increase efficiency, reduce costs, and better manage resources
  • Steps to take to start your drone program
  • Permitting, licensing and the fastest way to cut through red tape
  • Proven approaches to find and select the system that fits your needs

The presenter: 
Ben Roper is a Senior Consultant in our Government Consulting Group and with more than 25 years of service in the public sector, including as a city IT Director. His clients benefit from his unique mix of hands-on experience, best practice guidance, and understanding of technology trends. Ben is a licensed private pilot and licensed remote pilot with small UAS rating.

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Ben Roper
Senior Consultant


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