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Cut Through the Clutter: Cost Reporting and How it Drives Hospital Reimbursement

Create a stronger team of finance directors, department heads and board members 

Join BerryDunn's hospital specialists for an information-packed webinar designed to help you understand the most important aspects of cost reporting in a way that works for everyone, from board members to individuals who contribute information needed for the cost report. 

We’ll cover the essentials of cost reporting and reimbursement strategies, while also helping individuals within your organization understand the implications of cost reporting to your hospital.

What you gain:

  • A comprehensive view of cost reporting’s impact
  • Tools to help you ask the right questions and prioritize issues 
  • A high-level understanding of how new regulations can affect your organization
  • A stronger team and a more effective board

BerryDunn has been delivering personalized care to healthcare organizations for over 40 years.

We give you access to the expertise of CPAs and consultants who specialize in hospitals. Our independent perspective, experienced team, and sound management approach lead to cost-effective solutions — and proven results — across the healthcare spectrum. 

Join us and gain insights and knowledge that can help your management team and board take care of cost reporting more efficiently than ever.

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Ellen Donahue
Senior Manager

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