How can you bring broad and deep police reform to your operations and collaborative culture?

BerryDunn is hosting a free webinar on Community Co-Production Policing (CCPP), and we invite you to attend. During this presentation, our expert, Dr. Michele Weinzetl, a former Chief of Police, and an esteemed panel will cover:

  • The CCPP model
  • How CCPP differs from other approaches
  • CCPP goals and predicted outcomes
  • How to get started with CCPP in your department

Community Co-Production Policing begins with a simple premise; those within the community should have an influential voice in shaping the policing strategies that will affect them. The CCPP model works to fundamentally and permanently shift the collaborative relationship between the police and the community by converting police agencies from independent organizations to those that are a jointly operated and community-owned resource.

Applying a Community Co-Production Policing approach can lead to increased community trust and public safety, and improved racial/diversity equity.

Fred Fletcher, Chief of Police (ret.), Chattanooga, TN Police Department

Rick Brown, Deputy Commissioner Pennsylvania State Police (ret.); Executive Director, Transparency Matters

Gloria Reyes, Racial Equality and Diversity Expert

John Firman, Professor, American University; Director, International Association of Chiefs of Police (ret.)

Ed Roessler, Chief of Police, Fairfax County, VA Police Department