Understand the expectations of auditors and regulators: CECL model documentation

Documenting your CECL implementation, methodology, and model details is critical. Proper documentation will provide insight into how your CECL model operates, model limitations, and key assumptions. To help you focus on what’s essential, we’ve developed a checklist to guide you throughout the process.

Download our checklist to gain access to documentation tips that can effectively position you for:

• Ongoing model use from CECL adoption forward
• Sound CECL model validation practices to help assure ongoing appropriateness
• A framework with defined roles and responsibilities for oversight, communication, and authority

Having strong model documentation is critical in managing risk and helps ensure that users understand how the models were developed and how they function. Documentation also allows the models to be appropriately validated.  

Find out how our CECL model validation experience can help your institution achieve independent CECL model validation aligned with regulatory model risk management guidance. 

Meet our CECL expert: 


Susan has 26 years of public banking experience and leverages her deep subject matter expertise to help clients with CECL adoption, model risk management, policy, internal controls, governance, and board and executive presentations. Susan leads our CECL model validation and credit risk management consulting services.
Before joining BerryDunn, Susan held a variety of leadership positions in retail banking, commercial underwriting, asset quality, business development, recruitment, strategy, relationship management, and credit risk management. Her extensive experience includes working for community, regional, and Fortune 100 financial services companies. An advocate of straightforward approaches and solutions, she has served as a panelist on CECL adoption from a banker’s perspective at national and regional conferences.

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