Choosing the right accounting method for carbon offsets

As ESG initiatives become more commonplace, many organizations are reducing their carbon emissions through the purchase of carbon credits. Understand what carbon offsets are, their role in an ESG strategy, and how to choose the right method for accounting for carbon offsets.




Three Northeast states sign the first multi-state offshore wind agreement

Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut have joined forces in an effort to find multi-state offshore wind proposals. By coming together, the states believe they can amplify efforts to foster regional economic development, create high-paying, in-demand jobs, and promote environmental justice and equity. Gain insight into what it could mean for the region and other possible effects on the US offshore wind industry.


States join in effort to build the country’s first offshore wind power grid

A coalition of New England states is cautiously moving forward with what could be a revolutionary shared approach to create an offshore wind power grid. While states grapple with how to harmonize their technological approaches to transmission and related infrastructure, and other obstacles remain, a combined effort may be the best solution. Learn about the challenges, permutations, and potential of the offshore grid.


New York fossil fuel site will transform into a zero-emission facility to deliver clean power

Construction has begun on the first-ever transformation of a fossil fuel site into a grid-scale zero-emission facility in New York City. The state-of-the-art facility is expected to begin operating in 2026 and deliver enough clean energy to power over one million homes. Discover the positive economic and environmental impacts the project will have.


New Hampshire utilities show support for solar net metering

New Hampshire’s electric utilities endorsed the state’s current net metering structure, which credits customers roughly 75% of the standard electricity rate for any unused solar generation that flows back onto the grid to be used by other customers. See how this could inform other states as they consider what role net metering should play in the transition to clean energy.


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